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The Limited Geography theory and model

What is the Book of Mormon Limited Geography model?

Resumo: What is the Book of Mormon Limited Geography model and how long has it been discussed?

Livro de Mórmon geografia: O Modelo Mesoamericano


O Modelo Mesoamericano

Three days of darkness

Resumo: The three days of darkness is consistent with a period of intense volcanism. This explanation of the darkness has been particularly popular among those who advocate a limited geographical model of the Book of Mormon. Most LGT models place Book of Mormon lands in central America; this area is well-known for active seismic activity.

How did the gold plates get to New York from Mesoamerica?

Resumo: If Book of Mormon events took place in Mesoamerica, how did the plates end up in New York for Joseph Smith to find and translate?

O modelo norte-americano

Resumo: Teorias relacionadas a um modelo de geografia norte-americana.

Great Lakes geography

The Heartland Model

Resumo: Rod Meldrum's "Heartland" geography

Claimed place names from North America

Vernal Holley map