O Livro de Mórmon/Lamanitas/Relação com ameríndios/Demonstrações/Século 21





James E. Faust at dedication of Tuxtla Gutierrez Temple:

We invoke Thy blessings upon this nation of Mexico where so many of the sons and daughters of Father Lehi dwell. Bless these Thy children.[1]

Thomas S. Monson at dedication of Villahermosa México Temple:

We pray for the temple presidency, for the matron and her assistants, and for all who will serve here in any way. Grant them strength and gladness as they do so. May Thy eternal purposes concerning the sons and daughters of Lehi be realized in this sacred house. May every blessing of the eternal gospel be poured out upon them, and may the suffering of the centuries be softened through the beneficence of Thy loving care.[2]


Gordon B. Hinckley at dedication of Snowflake Arizona Temple:

We are grateful that this Thy house will be available to the sons and daughters of Lehi who live nearby. Let the scales of darkness fall from their eyes and bring a fulfillment of the ancient promises made concerning them. May this house become a hallowed sanctuary for many of these, our brothers and sisters.[3]



Dieter F. Uchdorf at dedication of Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple:

Thou kind and gracious Father, our hearts are filled with gratitude for Thy remembrance of the sons and daughters of Lehi. Thou hast heard their cries and seen their tears. Thou hast accepted their righteous sacrifices.
We thank Thee for the sacred record of Lehi, Nephi and Jacob, Alma and Mosiah, Benjamin and Mormon, and of Moroni. We thank Thee for this voice that has come from the dust to bear witness of the divinity of Thy Beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.[4]



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