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Statements from Book of Mormon witnesses

This page collects statements from the witnesses to the Book of Mormon plates in one convenient location. The same statements are often quoted elsewhere in the wiki under specific articles.

All Three Witnesses

Source: Testimony of Three Witnesses

Statements regarding all Three Witnesses

  • Richard Anderson described multiple accounts of all the Witnesses bearing testimony and reaffirming their published testimony:[1]
The three Smiths who formally gave their names as seeing and handling the plates were the Prophet's father, Joseph Smith, Sr.; the Prophet's older brother, Hyrum; and his immediately younger brother, Samuel Harrison. They sometimes joined the other Book of Mormon witnesses to reaffirm their testimony printed in the 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon regarding lifting and turning the leaves of the plates. After quoting the published statements of the Three and Eight Witnesses, and describing the experience of the latter group, Lucy Smith relates, "The ensuing evening, we held a meeting, in which all the witnesses bore testimony to the facts as stated above."[2] Two years later, in the period of dynamic preaching of the early elders, a conference was held near Cleveland, Ohio, remembered by Luke Johnson as follows: "At this conference the eleven witnesses to the Book of Mormon, with uplifted hands, bore their solemn testimony to the truth of that book, as did also the Prophet Joseph."[3]

Three Witnesses

Source:Oliver Cowdery Three Witness statements Source:Martin Harris Three Witness statements Source:David Whitmer Three Witness statements

Eight Witnesses

Source:Joint Eight Witnesses statements Source:John Whitmer Eight Witnesses statements Source:Samuel Smith Eight Witnesses statements Source:Peter Whitmer, Jr. Eight Witnesses statements Source:Christian Whitmer Eight Witnesses statements Source:Jacob Whitmer Eight Witnesses statements Source:Hiram Page Eight Witnesses statements Source:Hyrum Smith Eight Witnesses statements Source:Joseph Smith, Sr. Eight Witnesses statements


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