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For an account of events which occurred before those described in this article, see entry:: Nauvoo city charter Question: Was the destruction of the ''Nauvoo Expositor'' legal? Question: What caused William Law to apostatize from the Church and turn against Joseph Smith? Question: Did Joseph Smith or his associates attempt to reconcile with William Law before he published the ''Nauvoo Expositor''? Question: How was the decision reached to destroy the ''Nauvoo Expositor''? Question: Why did the Nauvoo City Council feel it was necessary to destroy the ''Nauvoo Expositor''? Question: What was John C. Bennett's role in the events leading up to the death of Joseph Smith? Question: Was Joseph Smith responsible for an assassination attempt on former Missouri governor Lilburn Boggs? Question: What is the timeline of events that led to Joseph Smith's death in Carthage? Plantilla:SummaryItem

Véase también el análisis por Brian Hales: William and Jane Law and the Prophet
William Law was Joseph's counselor, but eventually broke with the Prophet and helped publish the Nauvoo Expositor. (Link)
Plural Marriage and the Martyrdom
Did Joseph Smith Intend to Abandon Plural Marriage?
William Marks related that Joseph’s conversation denouncing plural marriage occurred “three weeks before his death” or around June 6. Perhaps Joseph had such a change of heart during the first week of June, but this seems unlikely and other parts of Marks’ recollection are implausible. (Link)