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La teoría Spalding de la autoría del Libro de Mormón

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Question: What is the Spalding Theory of Book of Mormon authorship? Question: Is the Spalding theory of Book of Mormon authorship credible? Question: What do most critics think of the Spalding theory of Book of Mormon origin? Source:Plowman:Christianity Today:1977:Mormon archivists have assembled a large amount of evidence -- some of it impressive -- to rebut the Spalding theory Source:Gospel Topics:Spaulding Manuscript:Similarities between his manuscript and the Book of Mormon are general and superficial Source:Rigdon:Manuscript found:in all of my intimacy with Joseph Smith he never told me but one story Question: Did Solomon Spaulding's doctor state that Spaulding talked to him about the Nephites in his manuscript? Source:Howe:Spalding theory:I could better believe that Spaulding wrote it than that Joe Smith saw an angel Source:William Smith:The Old Soldier's Testimony:1884:It was not written from the Spaulding Romance. That story is false Source:Roper:The Mythical "Manuscript Found":Subsequent variants of this hypothesis have been published from time to time Question: Did Joseph Smith know Sidney Rigdon prior to 1830? Book of Mormon/Authorship theories/Sidney Rigdon Plantilla:SummaryItem Plantilla:SummaryItem Plantilla:SummaryItem