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¿Envió José Smith a los hombres en misiones para "tomar" a sus esposas?

Sumario: Beginning with LDS dissident John C. Bennett, some have charged that Joseph would send men on missions in order to marry their wives. Does this claim match the historical evidence?

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Pregunta: ¿José Smith envió a hombres en misiones para "tomar" a sus esposas mientras se fueron?


This claim is contradicted by historical data: ten of the husbands of the twelve "polyandrous" wives were not on missions at the time

One critic of the Church states, "Joseph Smith would frequently approach other men’s wives about being his own plural wives — often while the men were away." [1]

Researcher Brian C. Hales noted that this claim is without foundation:

Another detail in [John C.] Bennett's Pittsburgh affidavit is that the Prophet had sent men on missions so he could marry their wives in Nauvoo. This statement is contradicted by historical data. Of the twelve "polyandrous" husbands identified by Todd Compton, ten were not on missions at the time Joseph was sealed to their legal wives. Of the two possible exceptions, only one, Orson Hyde, is documented as on a mission at the time of Marinda Johnson Hyde's sealing to Joseph Smith. The second possible case involves George Harris, who left on his fourteen-month mission in July 1840. His wife, Lucinda may have been...sealed to Joseph Smith at some point, but the date is unavailable.[2]

The only question regards Orson Hyde, who had been on his mission for one year to two years before the sealing

It is of note that Orson had been on his mission for about a year before the sealing--he departed on 15 April 1840, and would return 7 December 1842. There are two dates available for her sealing to Joseph--either April/Spring 1842, or May 1843.[3] Thus, even with the earliest sealing date, Orson had been gone for nearly two years prior to Joseph's sealing to Nancy.

This long delay does not fit well with the claim that a sexually-aggressive Joseph simply wanted his male rivals out of the way.

Hyde's wife Marinda was sealed to Orson following Joseph's death

Unique to the Hyde's marriage is the fact that Marinda was sealed to Orson following Joseph's death. All of the Prophet's other polyandrous wives were posthumously sealed to Joseph by proxy.[4]

Much of what we know about the Hyde sealing is also contaminated by hostile, mutually contradictory accounts that contain some known false information.

Pregunta: ¿Joseph Smith envió a William Law, Robert D. Foster y Henry Jacobs en misiones para que pudiera tomar a sus esposas?


This claim was made in an anti-Mormon expose entitled Fifteen Years Among the Mormons

This book was written by Nelson Winch Green, who reported what estranged member Marry Ettie V. Coray Smith reportedly told him.

Even other anti-Mormon authors who had lived in Utah regarded it as nearly worthless. Fanny Stenhouse wrote:

Much has already been written on this subject much that is in accordance with facts, and much that is exaggerated and false. Hitherto, with but one exception [Mrs. Ettie V. Smith is noted in the footnote as the work referred to] that of a lady who wrote very many years ago, and who in her writings, so mixed up fiction with what was true, that it was difficult to determine where the one ended and the other began no woman who really was a Mormon and lived in Polygamy ever wrote the history of her own personal experience. Books have been published, and narratives have appeared in the magazines and journals, purporting to be written by Mormon wives; it is, however, perhaps, unnecessary for me to state that, notwithstanding such narratives may be imposed upon the Gentile world as genuine, that they were written by persons outside the Mormon faith would in a moment be detected by any intelligent Saint who took the trouble to peruse them.[5]

So, we must remember that the source of this charge against Joseph is a work that is not regarded as generally reliable today, and it was not regarded as reliable even by some of the Church's well-informed enemies in the 19th century.

The book claimed that Law, Foster and Jacobs were returned from missions to find their wives "blushing under the prospective honors of spiritual wifeism"

The relevant passage reads:

The Prophet had sent some time before this, three men, Law, Foster and Jacobs, on missions, and they had just returned, and found their wives blushing under the prospective honors of spiritual wifeism; and another woman, Mrs. Buel [sic], had left her husband, a Gentile, to grace the Prophet's retinue, on horseback, when he reviewed the Nauvoo Legion. I heard the latter woman say afterwards in Utah, that she did not know whether Mr. Buel [sic] or the Prophet was the father of her son. These men [Law, Foster and Jacobs] established a press in Nauvoo, to expose his alleged vicious teachings and practices, which a revelation from Joseph destroyed.[6]

Law and Foster never served missions, and Jacobs was not on a mission when Joseph proposed a sealing to his wife

As might be expected, then, there are many claims in this passage that are in error. We know that the following are false:

  • Ettie Smith claims that William Law, Robert D. Foster, and Henry Jacobs were on missions and that Joseph had proposed plural marriage to them. Law and Foster, in fact, never served missions. Henry Jacobs did serve a mission, but he was not gone on a mission when Joseph discussed plural marriage.
  • Foster and Law did participate in publishing the Nauvoo Expositor, but Henry Jacobs did not. He was and remained a faithful member of the Church.
  • The destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor was undertaken by the Nauvoo city council. Some members of that council were not members of the Church--it seems implausible to think that they would bow to a "revelation" to Joseph requiring its destruction. The decision was made, instead, after 8 hours of discussion and after consulting legal references.

Thus, in the single paragraph we have several basic errors of fact. None of the men were on missions save Jacobs, and he was in Nauvoo when Joseph proposed a sealing to his wife.

Pregunta: ¿Fue apóstol Orson Hyde que fue enviado en una misión para dedicarse a Israel para que José Smith podría secreto casará con su mujer, Marinda Hyde, mientras él estaba ausente?

Orson participó brevemente con la apostasía en Far West en el otoño de 1838, pero había regresado a la Iglesia por 03 1839

Nancy se casó con el futuro apóstol Orson Hyde el 4 de septiembre de 1834. Participó brevemente con la apostasía en Far West en el otoño de 1838, pero había regresado a la Iglesia por 03 1839 después de una dramática visión en la que vio la consecuencia de la continua rebelión. [7]

Marinda fue sellada a José en abril de 1842, mientras que Orson estaba en una misión. Sólo existen cuentas antagónicas de este sellado. [8] De los cuatro informes, dos afirmación de que Orson era consciente de la estanqueidad, y dos afirmación de que él no era.

Orson había estado en su misión por alrededor de un año antes de que ocurriera el sellado de Marinda a José Smith

Es de notar que Orson había estado en su misión por alrededor de un año antes de que el sellado - partió el 15 de abril de 1840, y que regresaría 07 de diciembre 1842 Hay dos fechas disponibles para su sellado a Joseph -. Sea Abril / Primavera 1842, o mayo de 1843.[9] Por lo tanto, incluso con la fecha más temprana de sellado, Orson había estado ausente durante casi dos años antes del sellado de José a Nancy.

Esta larga demora no encaja bien con la afirmación de que un Joseph sexualmente agresiva simplemente quería que sus rivales masculinos fuera del camino.

Los Hyde divorció en 1870, pero Marinda fue sellado a Orson después de la muerte de José

Los Hyde fueron al divorcio en 1870: "Los motivos exactos de que el divorcio no se conocen, pero parece que Orson estaba dando la mayor parte de su atención a sus esposas más jóvenes en este momento." [10]

Único en el matrimonio del Hyde es el hecho de que Marinda fue sellada a Orson después de la muerte de José. Todas las otras esposas del Profeta poliándricas fueron póstumamente sellada a José por poder. [11]

Mucho de lo que sabemos sobre el Hyde sellado también está contaminado por las cuentas hostiles mutuamente contradictorias que contienen alguna información falsa conocida.


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